NOTE: Dear all, please refer to Malaysian Bar for the latest updated filing system!

Payment you need to make:-

  • Borang 1 page 2 to be Affirmed by Commissioner of oath-RM4
  • scan-RM50
  • filing fees-RM192

*remember to keep receipts if you wanna claim from your firm*

Departments you need to go:-

  • Pemfailan Department
  • Pembayaran Department
  • RKKK Department

Direction of Departments:-

MIDDLE of you – receptionist & staircase

RIGHT of you(2 o’clock direction) – pemfailan department

LEFT of you(10 o’clock direction) – pembayaran department

Upstairs Level 2 (Right above pembayaran dprt)-RKKK Department

Lift – LEFT side front corner, in front of pembayaran department.

Procedure in filing your borang 1 & 2:-

1. DON’T go upstairs first before you done your payment & scanning even if the receptionist told you so.

2. Walk to RIGHT side (pemfailan dpmt)


  • look for ticket machine and press both SEMAKAN FAIL & PEMFAILAN BARU (if dont know which one)

4. GET service bureau form (pemfailan dpmt)


  • pass your ticket & documents to them, they will choose which ticket to go (if you have 2 tickets)
  • fill up the form
  • get back the same ticket number & service bureau form

fill up service bureau form example – (Firm/agency: xxx & co), (contact number: Your personal number), (email: Your personal email, this is the email address which they will update you of your status of filing), (case name: 1. petisyen, 2.afidavit, 3.notis)

5. Pay BEFORE scanning RM50 (pembayaran dpmt)


  • pay at the machine with exact notes you have (if u need change, please go to pembayaran department)
  • go to pembayaran department
  • get new ticket number
  • pay RM50
  • go back to pemfailan department

6. Scan Documents for E-filing (pemfailan dpmt)


  • wait for your (the same number written on your service bureau form) to be called
  • pass your documents to them for scanning
  • ask them where to proceed next

7. Get Notice of Payment (pembayaran dpmt)


  • go back to pembayaran department (Notis pembayaran kaunter)
  • wait for your same ticket number on service bureau form (counter 5)
  • pass them the scanning receipt which you got right after scanning
  • get the notice of payment (stated UNPAID)

8. Pay for E-Filing RM192 (pembayaran dpmt)


  • stay back in pembayaran department & press for new ticket number
  • pay RM192
  • get your receipt + chop PAID notice of payment

9. Photocopy your documents (cafeteria)


  • take lift to B1 downstairs (cafeteria)
  • walk to right side after lift
  • left side there’s an emergency door thru’ cafeteria (just follow the people if you don’t know the way)
  • look for a bookstore, the staff will help you to photocopy, they know how many sets you need, so don’t worry

10. Pass photocopies borang 2 to RKKK


  • take lift to level 2, RKKK (right above the pembayaran department)
  • Pass them the whole set of photocopies (ONLY borang 2)
  • write your particulars on the book which they will show you

11. Serve to 3 bodies, get acknowledgement!

  • Bar council Malaysia
  • your own State Committee Bar
  • AG of chambers- Jabatan Peguam Negara in Putrajaya (Presint 4)


Free download of Borang 1 & 2 is available here =)

borang 1
Borang 1 (page 1) free download
Borang 1 page 2
Borang 1 (page 2)
Borang 2
Borang 2 free download