Dear all, please refer to Bar Council for the latest Forms!

After serving Borang 1 & 2 to the 3 bodies, you will get the required forms from your State Bar Committee.

when serving to Selangor Bar Committee, make sure these forms are given to you:-

  • Petition Form
  • Referees Form
  • Introductory class Form
  • Legal Aid Registration Form

Petition Form & Referees Form (given together)

  • advisable to be submitted WITHIN a week after serving your Borang 1 & 2 (better to submit asap)
  • Passport size photograph
  • 2 referees’ full name and full address

Note: Your referees must know you for more than 5 years and must be a qualified professional eg. lawyer, doctor. They cannot be your master, lawyers from your chambering firm, or your siblings but relatives are permitted.

(a reply letter will be posted to the referees and they are required to reply the letter basically to prove that they know you and you have a good character)

Introductory Class Form

  • this is the ever first class which is compulsory to attend in order to proceed to legal aid sessions.
  • Compulsory to get AT LEAST 5 committee members to sign in your another form which will be provided by the person-in-charge.
  • Compulsory to attend minimum 4 talks/seminars which conducted by State Bar.
  • Keep the form as you will need it for your second class.

What is it?

-an intro to different legal aid centres and you will have to rank your preference thus they will assign you accordingly, but sometimes you won’t be assigned to what you prefer, it depends on the numbers of pupil.

-an intro of current bar committee members

-a basic briefing of professional dress code, attitudes in legal career.

Legal Aid Registration Form

  • passport size photograph
  • Your master’s signature
  • your legal aid sessions will only start after 2 months, shortest 1 month.
  • it’s compulsory to attend 14 days
  • date can be replaced if you’re not available on that day, so long as you commit 14 days.

Which Legal Aid Centre you can go?

  • LAC & Dock Brief Programme
  • Tenaganita (women’s force)
  • AWAM (All women’s action society)
  • SIS (sisters-in-islam)
  • UKM legal aid clinic
  • SRM (suara rakyat malaysia)
  • NCCC (consumers’ rights)
  • C4 (centre to combat corruption & cronyism)
  • Prison Visit

Details will be provided during introductory class, please do not hesitate to ask the person if you have any doubts.