Dear all, please refer to Bar Council for the latest filing methods!

After served Borang 1 & 2, the steps do not end here! we still have to file our AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE (AOS) in High Court proving that you have already served. Once your affidavit penyampaian for borang 1, 2 are ready, you can actually file it with borang 3, 4, 5 together. Remember to affirm the necessary!

Preliminary Steps of preparing AOS:-

  • PREPARE your own AOS
  • PREPARE your sijil perakuan ekshibit
  • AFFIRM both with Commissioner of Oath RM6
  • EXHIBITS=copy of duly filed borang 1 & 2 (the whole stack) +acknowledgement copy
  • MARK your exhibits with ‘A’ as what you have written in your sijil perakuan ekshibit
  • FILE the AOS with exhibits

Preliminary Steps of preparing Borang 3, 4, 5:-

  • FILL UP Borang 3, 4 & 5


  • Pemohon is your Master
  • file at high court
  • get it extracted after few days (please make sure your email address is correct, notification to print out the extracted copy will be sent to your email)


  • Pemohon is your Master
  • Signature by your master & affirm (please ask firm’s despatch to affirm, otherwise you will get scolded by the Commissioner, as they need your master to be present since the affidavit is your master’s affidavit, you cannot affirm it on behalf of your master)


  • Pemohon is your Master
  • Your own signature & affirm
  • Exhibits:- the duly affirmed affidavit penyampaian Borang 1 & 2 (the whole stack)
  • Note:- Borang 3, 4 & 5 pemohon is your Master’s Name, NOT your name; Borang 4 is signed by your Master; Borang 5 is signed by you though Pemohon is your Master’s Name.


  • affirm Rm6 each
  • scanning fees around RM40  (affidavit + Borang 3,4,5)
  • filing fees RM88 (affidavit + Borang 3,4,5)

Steps of Filing:-

  1. Go to Pembayaran Department, press ticket and pay RM6 each for affirm (if x affirm)
  2. Go to Pemfailan Department, press ticket for ‘pemfailan baru’.
  3. Fill up the service bereau form just like how you fill up previously.
  4. While waiting for scanning, go to Pembayaran Department, press new ticket number and pay RM40 for scanning fees before they scan at Pemfailan Department (take out your staples if you can, don’t pass the whole stack with staples to them)
  5. Go back to Pemfailan Department and scan.
  6. Go back to Pembayaran Department to get Invoice for filing fees RM88, which you will notice the status is unpaid.
  7. Stay at Pembayaran Department, get new number to pay RM88.
  8. Pay RM88, get back your invoice with the PAID chop as well as receipt.

Free download affidavit penyampaian (affidavit of service) & sijil perakuan ekshibit

Free download affidavit penyampaian & sijil perakuan ekshibit