Dear all, please refer to Bar Council for the latest filing methods!

As usual filing like how you file your AOS for Borang 1 & 2….

Step 1 Prepare Form

Afidavit Penyampain Borang3 4 5 Blank

Step 2 NOTE

  • follow the template properly

  • Note:- this time the Pemohon is YOUR MASTER’s name, not your name, different with Borang 1 & 2

Step 3 affirm

  • Go to High Court (Pembayaran department)

  • take number

  • Pay & Affirm your AOS like usual

Step 4 fill up service bureau form 

  • Go to Pemfailan department

  • take number, press ‘pemfailan baru’

  • proceed to your called counter, fill up the service bureau form like usual

Step 5 scanning

  • Wait for the same number be  called again at another counter

  • Pass documents for scanning

  • Pay the exact amount (cash) at a machine, IF NO small change, please go to Pembayaran Department (press new number) to pay

Step 6 take invoice

  • Take back your scanned documents

  • Go back to Pembayaran Department, look for Kaunter Bayaran (counter 5) (use back your pemfailan ticket number) and take your UNPAID invoice

Step 7 pay

  • Stay in Pembayaran department

  • Press new number to pay for filing fees

  • Remember to take back your receipt and invoice with PAID

  • Done!