Dear all, please refer to Bar Council for the latest filing methods!

  1. Prepare your Short Call Draft Order
  • Fill up as per the sample below

Free Download Short call draft order (Click Here) 

2. Take Note

  • This is only a draft, therefore you can still amend after the extraction of this draft
  • Just go ahead to file as this is not final order yet

3. File at High Court

  • Go to Filing Department, press ticket
  • Fill up Service Bureau Form

4. Pay for scanning fees

  • Pay RM10 at the pay machine
  • Wait for your number to be called, pass the draft order to the officer for scanning

5. Get your Unpaid Invoice

  • Press new ticket
  • Go to Pembayaran Department, counter 5

6. Get your Paid Invoice

  • This draft is free of charge, but still you need to get the PAID invoice for your record purpose.

7. Wait for extraction

  • the extraction will be emailed to you 1 or 2 days later
  • there will be comments on your draft extraction as to what to correct and amend

8. After extraction, file your final short call order

  • As usual, file as discussed above.
  • Wait for extraction again & serve to 3 bodies as usual then your short call order is done!