1.  Get ready your draft Long Call & a pen

free download draft long call

*note: please do not leave the signature page by its own without any continuous words above the signing part. Otherwise, no one will sign your draft long call and you are required to meet them one by one to sign the draft. It’s very time consuming, trust me. You have to take their contact number one by one and fix appointment with them one by one.

2. Speech + Mover

-the presence of a mover to read your speech

-you should have sent a copy of your speech to mover for grammar/typo mistake correction and informed the mover in regarding to your long call date & time

3. Get ready your Robe & Bib

-either borrow from your friend; or

-buy a new robe (cost is about rm500-rm800 for one set)

4. Formal Court Attire

-Black & White, Black covered shoes

-you may wear along your bib at home first just in case you are late.

*note: for girls, please tie up your hairs, reason being there’ll be a group photo session after long call, otherwise you will get scolded by the clerk/assistant.

5. Family members


Male:- collared shirt with long trousers, sport shoes/covered shoes (no slippers)

Female:- casual wear or formal wear (no slippers), but please be reminded your dress/skirt must be at knee length or below knee length, otherwise you will be stopped by the security guard at the entrance.


-be silent inside the court room

-silent your mobile phone

-no camera inside the court room, otherwise your family will be scolded innocently by the police. haha…

-stand up and bow to the judge when your parents name are called

-parents shall be seated at the first & second row

6. Be early

For those who hasn’t find out which court room, please be there early to look for your court room first. You may find out on the notice board outside the court room or follow the crowd =D