Dear all, please refer to Bar Council for the latest filing methods!

The normal procedure as the same with filing your short call order.

1. Get ready your draft long call order

  • make sure is duly signed by all the three representatives from AG chambers, state bar committee and kl bar (if your long call is held at kl court)

2. File

  • file draft
  • file the fair order
  • at high court or e-filing

3. Wait for fair order extraction

  • print out the extracted copy of fair long call order with colour printer
  • Note: for application of PC, you require to print 2 copies

4. Proceed to your application of Practice Certificate

  • download the application form from Bar Council website
  • fill up the form accordingly

5. Prepare Statutory Declaration

  • please indicate in particular that you would not practice until a practice certificate is obtained
  • affirm accordingly

6. Get ready cheque

  • made payable to Bar Council Malaysia
  • amount to be exactly as stated in the practice certificate checklist from bar council website

7. Submission

  • please check before submission
  • make sure all documents required signature are duly signed, dated, affirmed, ticked

8. Follow-up

  • your practice certificate will be issued within 14 days from the date of receipt of your submission